Parts of a Simple Motor

Today in Science 30 we were reviewing the parts of a motor, and students were sort of getting it, but not quite.  So what did we do?  We pulled apart a motor of course!  This was very unstructured, go with the flow – but guess what – it worked out wonderfully!

electric motor picture 2016


Cell Organelle Board Games

This semester one of my classes is Science 10, and in the Biology unit students get to flex their creative muscles and create cell organelle board games.

Their criteria are:

  • assigned a type of cell (plant or animal)
  • incorporate all of the organelles of that cell and their functions in the game
  • include a labelled diagram somewhere in the game
  • be creative and unique in the game they create

This year we had some wonderful examples of creative and unique games!  Some were based on operation, snakes and ladders or crokinole.  The shooting/target game was completely unique and fun for the students to play.  I was so proud of this classes great work in this project!

~Ms. Laird


Types of Mixtures Lab – Making Ice Cream

Today we had a beautiful, warm fall day which is perfect for the mixtures lab we tried in Science 8 today – we made ice cream!

Here is our final product – ice cream with strawberries.  What kind of mixture do you think it is?? Homogeneous or Heterogeneous?  Either way, it was a yummy mixture!

Ice Cream Mixtures Lab Pic 2014

We used a recipe similar to this:

~Ms. Laird

Extracting Strawberry DNA

Today in Science 9 we took a practical look at what DNA is and where it is located.  We discovered that DNA exists in all of the food we eat, like strawberries!

extracting strawberry DNA

As is in Science, it worked out better for some than for others!  The white that you see floating in the alcohol layer was extracted from the strawberry/salt/soap mixture you see in the bottom of the test tube.

We following the lab report on this website:

~Ms. Laird

Bring on 2014-2015!

Well we are done week one of 2014-2015.  The kids have been welcomed back and we will start full swing on Tuesday September 2nd.  Here is a glimpse at what the kids in Irma’s Science lab see on a day to day basis!

Big Ideas – This idea came from our district PD on Tuesday August 26th.  This is where students are given one (or a few) questions that get them thinking about the content they will be learning over the course of a new unit.  Currently I am teaching Biology 30 (top left corner), Chemistry 20 (top right corner), Science 9 (bottom right corner) and Science 8 (bottom left corner).

Big Ideas September 2014

Next we have the science word wall.  This is meant to build student comprehension in science from grades 7-12.  I think its great because kids in younger grades are being introduced to new vocabulary earlier, and kids in the older grades are being reminded of words they may have forgotten from previous grades.  Also, it shows kids that there are common “roots” for words in science, which will help them identify new words they may come across.  (Yes, that is a Saskatchewan Roughriders flag in the top left picture – GO RIDERS!)

word wall September 2014

Meet our newest class addition, the nameless fish!  (We will have to work on finding a name for this little guy).  I thought the blue fish was fitting since our school colours are blue and white 🙂

Nameless First September 2014

That’s the big things in the science lab this year.  I will make sure to keep posting our activities, resources and room additions during the year to come for students and parents to access!

Ms Laird


Modeling the Hardy-Weinberg Principle – Biology 30

 A glimpse at hard work in progress:

Beads and Hardy Weinberg


Well nearing the end of another semester (13 semesters almost down for this teacher!) and the end of another Biology 30 class.  This means time for populations and the Hardy-Weinberg principle.  I find that this can be a difficult concept to master….and hands on activities make it hopefully a bit easier to grasp!  This is my solution this year: Modeling the Hardy-Weinberg Principle with beads!  I found this activity on this website and modified it to work for my class (mainly I couldn’t find buttons, so we used beads similar to what you would find it an aquarium or used for decoration – you can get them cheap at the dollar store!).  Love the colours as they are my favorite football teams colours – added bonus and NOT a coincidence 😉